The Laws of Fashion with Cleo Madison

5:47 PM

Thank you to Cleo Madison for sponsoring this post! This nursing friendly dress in the most stunning mauve shade is one of my absolute favorites!


The capsule wardrobe idea does not appeal to me. I make sure beforehand that I love the pieces I choose, I love mixing and matching, and I almost never get rid of anything. It may sound silly, but choosing what to wear each day is fun and brings me joy!

However, I have certain requirements when it comes to making clothing decisions.

I am not a trend shopper. I usually choose things that will stay classic as the world's fashion sense changes. That way they last a long time!

I love COLOR! I have staple neutrals to carry any outfit, but I always throw in a pop of color or a fun print.

Versatility is key. Anything I buy has to be able to be dressed up or down and work in a variety of weather/outfit configurations.

No undershirts required. Texas is HOT. I prefer to have my shoulders covered and having to wear an undershirt makes me crazy!

Nothing tight. I have 3 kids you guys. ALL I do is chase and bend and reach. And even before that, tight clothing is SO uncomfortable. I am all about comfort and ease of wear, and having any tight undershirt or waistband is a deal breaker!

It has to be able to work pregnant/nursing/neither of the above. My body is going to change shape about a million more times in the next 15 years and I cannot exhaust and re-purchase an entire wardrobe every baby! I generally size up in normal clothing when I'm not pregnant and get creative with tucks and rubber bands while pregnant. Anything with buttons down the front is automatically a win!

Am I picky enough for you yet?! Who knew that so much thought goes into hunting for the perfect wardrobe pieces? Now you tell me- what are your fashion rules?

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