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As we prepared for Theo to make his grand entrance, memories of the transition from 1-2 kids flooded my mind. When Otto was born, we were halfway in one town and on the way to the next. We moved into a tiny, ant-infested townhouse when Otto was 7 weeks old. Trevor spent weeks and months in between his clinical rotation in San Antonio (where the boys and I were) and San Angelo (where he was wrapping up his graduate program). I suddenly felt like I didn’t have enough arms and I definitely didn’t have enough sleep for all the meal prep, bum changes, hands to hold, bedtimes to survive, days at the park, grocery trips... it was a tough season but a good one. Being thrown into 2 kids headfirst and mostly alone put me through the wringer a bit, but ultimately helped me learn and grow in big ways as a mother.

After all that, I’ve heard from a lot of people that the transition from 2-3 kids threw them for the biggest loop, so I spent the last 9 months mentally preparing for a doozy of a life change and anticipating a season of less sanity. And then Theo came. And with each day that passes, I keep waiting for anxiety of the balancing act to set in and life to get crazy. And it hasn’t happened yet.

Life is so different this time around in GOOD ways. We are much more stable. Life is predictable and we have good routines that we thrive on. Trevor works long days and I’m mostly alone from the time the boys wake up until after they go to bed, but when he’s home, he’s HOME, not buried away studying (student wives- you know what I mean!?). We have our own home and no plans to move anytime soon or ever. Milo is older and so helpful. Otto is a way better sleeper than Milo was at this age. And the big boys have each other to play with. Theo likes to party all night long and there are still plenty of the natural ebbs and flows that come with a house full of little boys, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary and we are settling into life with 3 at a gentle hum.

I’ve partnered with a few brands that I know and love and wanted to share a few products that have made the transition a little easier and a little extra fun. I’m not huge on extra baby gear, but there are a few baby must-haves that I believe in with all my heart!

1- The DockATot. Oh how we love our dock. Theo sleeps right near us all day and all night long and we love keeping him close and cozy!

2- Our Lorena Canals rug. We chose an outer space rocket themed rug for our homeschool room so that Theo boy can have a soft spot to lay and play while we learn. Their rugs have so much character!

3- Binxy Baby cart hammock. These make grocery shopping SO much easier with babies who can't sit up but want to look around and not be stuck in their carseats. We used one with Otto and it was a lifesaver. As soon as flu season is over, Theo will frequent that cozy little thing!

4- Ollie World swaddle. My babies have all loved to be swaddled tight and I've never met such a buttery soft swaddle! Plus it velcros- SO simple.
5- Lalabu Baby. I am in love with this shirt. It's literally a kangaroo pouch that I can wear. So much more simple than a wrap in my opinion, and I can nurse in it!

6- Little Sleepy Head swaddle blankets. We love our toddler pillows from Little Sleepy Head and they recently introduced a line of swaddle blankets. They are big and soft and stretchy and darling and everything a swaddle blanket should be!

7- Cubby Cove lounger. It's mesh, soft, roomy, and so cozy. I keep it in the school/workout room so we have cozy little baby beds all over the place!
8- Eloise and Lolo diaper backpack. This thing is a game changer! They have lots of perfect options for backpacks and I picked the biggest one- I don't regret it one bit!

We are in love with our tiny Theo and he has brought more joy into our home than we even thought possible. We're all a little sleepy and a lot happy, and I am beyond thankful that the transition has been smooth sailing thus far!

I was sent these products for review, but any opinion I share on here is purely my own. If you have any questions about anything listed here please let me know! 

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