Nursing Clothing Roundup

8:20 PM

Let's be honest- a woman's clothing needs, body shape, and weight tend to fluctuate a LOT during her childbearing years. Since the thought of babies first came to mind in 2010, I've made a conscious effort to make sure to invest in a wardrobe that can carry me through all the seasons without having to re-buy with every constant body change. It's also really important to me to have a functional wardrobe- I live in the heat of Texas where pants are the last thing you want to wear 75% of the year, and most of my life is spent chasing around children at home or other child-friendly places. I've recently stocked up on some really great nursing-friendly finds that I've been dying to share with all of you!

This dress from My Sister's Closet Boutique is lightweight, has buttons on the front, and the cutest ruffle detail on the sleeve. I ordered a medium for room to grow and can belt it (or not!) when not pregnant.

This navy striped dress is also from My Sister's Closet and can be dressed up or down. The button detail on the front is super cute and functional!

This dreamy house dress from Milkmaid Goods has the prettiest pattern and is buttery soft. Plus. POCKETS. I sized up to a medium because my curves tend to come back in AFTER pregnancy and I want it to fit for a good long time.

Let's all agree that this 24/7 house dress from Undercover Mama is appropriately named, shall we? One size fits all for this one. It's longish on me but I could very easily knot it at the bottom if I wanted to!

This dress from Poppy and Dot is nursing perfection. The material is thinner than I anticipated and I'm glad for it, and the color combo is so fun! They also have a black and white version. Both are currently out of stock on the website, but keep an eye out- they bring items back regularly. Watch their Instagram as well. Use code DANIELLEHANSEN for 10% off Poppy and Dot orders!

I am in LOVE with this cozy, crepe-y robe from Poppy and Dot. It's so lightweight and easy to throw on and doesn't make me feel like a total frump which is a big win these days! It's also nice and long- they have some that are shorter but I like the length on this one! Again- 10% off at Poppy and Dot with code DANIELLEHANSEN!

This Tulip Tee from Senita Athletics is a dream. Nursing mid-workout is actually something that has happened to me a lot in life- somehow those babies seem to have a radar for any moment you find some motivation for something like a treadmill run, don't they?

This sweater from ASOS has a panel under the cinched drawstring detail that makes for super easy access. In LOVE! So much so that I got it in pink too!

This top is also from ASOS and has side access. So roomy and soft!

This sleep top from Old Navy is pretty much perfection. I ordered a small. The panels separate and it's so simple (think sleep nursing). I got it on super sale- with Old Navy, always watch out for price drops!

This henley from Pink Blush and I are already very good friends. I am a sucker for this coral-pink and this sweater is perfect. The terry material is still lightweight and perfect for layering if it's chilly, or not. It's very roomy- I ordered a small and it fits pretty big- but I prefer that.

And there you have it! I love that I can wear everything pictured here both now and after little brother arrives. We are getting so close to meeting him and focusing on the fun parts like clothes and nursing snuggles make every day of hyperemesis just a little more bearable. We are making it and it will be so, so worth it!

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