When You're Three With Bookroo

6:30 PM

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When you're three, you spend the night eagerly awaiting the sunrise. You check time and again for the light to spill through your curtains signaling that it's finally playtime.

When you're three, there's no time for eating when there are trains to play with.

When you're three, you eat your boogers without a second thought.

When you're three, you know that all your owies can be fixed by rubbing them, blowing on them, and topping them off with a kiss from mom.

When you're three, helping move the laundry from the washer into the drier is thrilling.

When you're three, you have a new name and species each day.

When you're three, you're a sponge. Everything you hear, you soak right up and store it in your brain for keeps.

When you're three, the word "bum" will make you giggle 100% of the time.

When you're three, you don't look forward to bedtime. Having to stop playing is the greatest tragedy of your day.

When you're three, you crave interaction, time, praise, love, and attention. Your mind is growing at the speed of light and you can't help but eagerly reach for more information about the world you live in. "Why" is always on the tip of your tongue.

When you're three, you may get shy about what you don't know quite yet. You may shut down when you're unsure which letter makes what sound, or if a word is trickier to pronounce than you anticipated.

When you're three, you LOVE to read (or in Milo's case, you always have). You could read books with mom for hours, and then turn around and read them right back by memory. You love picking out the stories the pictures are saying even if you're not reading the actual words. You even like to read to your baby brother.

And when your three year old asks if you can snuggle and read books, you always, always, always say yes.
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