Happy Hermit Week to You

11:07 AM

We love getting out and exploring the world just as much as the next person, but some weeks the boys and I are certifiable hermits. We maybe do/maybe don't change out of pajamas, we make a royal mess, and our space heaters follow us everywhere we go. This is one of those weeks. It may come as a shock to you that such weeks generally coincide with the lack of sleep that key members of this trio (namely the ringleader) is shuffling through, and also the fact that in our weakened Texan state, any temperatures below 50 are next to intolerable.

At any rate, we all could use a good catch up and recharge, especially before Christmas. The house will only ever be so clean with the 2 tiny tornadoes that reside here, but repeating the same chores has to be therapeutic in some way, right? Keeping me humble, boys.

You also wouldn't believe the amount of snot that is happening here right now, which is another reason to keep us under quarantine. Unfortunately Milo has picked up the habit of eating his boogers because who has time for tissues? First most used phrase in this house currently: "Milo stop eating your boogers". Ew. Otto on the other hand is much more sanitary, mostly having his boogers wiped on either his shirt or mine.

Yesterday we had plumbers in the house all morning because our laundry drain is flooding back up at us and soaking all our floors on a loop. It turns out there's a pipe 30 feet under the house that should be straight but is very much U shaped. When they left, they told us that the cleanout should last at least 6-8 months (fantastic). Constantly fueling my fire to buy our own house and make it home for good! I'm all about putting down roots and keeping them there forever. We love Waxahachie and if you asked me right this second, I'd tell you I hope we never leave.

So now, I think we'll turn on some christmas music as we usually do, start another load of laundry because that is the unending story of my life, make some houses and cars out of play dough, and maybe even sneak in a nap later this afternoon if we're lucky.

Cheers to hermit week!

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