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Watch c/o JORD Wood Watches
I jump the gun on Christmas spirit every year. Something about November makes me want to break out the tree, put up as many lights as I can get away with, and cozy up on the couch. In my former life this time of year also included cozy sweaters and the hunt for the season's first snowflake, but in Texas we are still in full blown shorts and air conditioning mode- so we'll settle for drinking cold chocolate and decorating anyway.

Our holiday season has some bonus holidays thrown in. In the span of 4 months, we have Trevor's birthday, Christmas, our anniversary, and Valentine's Day- so I've always got my eyes open for something different and new for him. Trevor isn't hard to shop for, but I have to pay attention; he loves being caught off guard by my memory of a gift idea he's mentioned in passing. This year for his birthday, I gave him a gorgeous ebony and rosewood watch from JORD. You won't believe me, but two days before Trevor's JORD watch arrived in the mail for his birthday, his old watch broke. As a physical therapist, Trevor needs a watch with a second hand to track patients all day long, so the timing couldn't have been better (see what I did there?).

Trevor isn't a showy guy, so his reaction was pretty adorable. I could tell he was excited to have a nice watch that isn't from Walmart circa 2001 (true story). Bonus- Milo got his old broken watch and he's beside himself. It beeps on the hour and every time Milo perks up and says, "Hey! My watch!". He never disappoints, that Milo.

These unique wood watches really are stunning. They come packaged in a gorgeous wood box with a jewelry compartment below and the watches themselves have tons of color options for the watchband and face. I have my eye on some from the women's line -hint hint, Trevor my love!

I'm teaming up with JORD to give away a watch of your choice to use as a gift or keep for yourself! And just for entering, you'll receive a $25 e-gift code to your email! CLICK HERE to enter!

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