Milo the Animal

7:37 PM

My hoodie c/o Maggie Jay Co.

Milo is a goose. He cracks me up all the day long and I have an ongoing note on my phone of his funny little sayings. A few gems as of late:

"Milo, what's Otto's favorite food?" "Ants." Zero hesitation folks.

After a full moon: "Why is the moon broken?"

When you're a different animal every day, it's only natural to refer to your toenails and fingernails as "toe claws" and "finger claws".

When singing the ABC's, he always ends with "how I wonder what you are."

When eating a sucker, he told me his hands were sticky. I came to wipe them and he promptly stopped me and said, "No mom! I have to have sticky hands so I can climb trees because I'm a lizard". Well ok then.

Explaining that babies come from moms' tummies: "Wait. You eat babies?"

For the longest time, he replaced "F" and "SM" sounds with a "P". He recently figured out the F sound, so instead of pireplace, he says fireplace. Instead of "ploaty" he says "floaty". For a few days, he also replaced "SM" with "F". Instead of "smile"(formerly "pile"), he was saying "file". I held up the smarties and asked him what they were: "Farties!" and we both busted up for a  good long time about that.

And tonight as he was going to bed: "Life is good." It sure is buddy.

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