Evolution of Here

8:32 PM

Is it weird to blog about your blog?

This space has seen me through a lot of phases. I started it when I was a newlywed almost 7 years ago. It's had a few different names, a few more different appearances, but the way we've grown into ourselves makes this name here fit best. 

I wrote through figuring out how to be a wife at 19.
I wrote through discovering my love of running.
I wrote through a family explosion back home, and the years of healing that took place afterwards.
I wrote through earning my college degree.
I wrote through infertility twice.
I wrote through hyperemisis gravidarum twice.
I wrote through my eating disorder, and a lot of ups and downs with it.
I wrote through trying to figure out how to work part time with my baby Milo in tow.

For everything here at face value, there are a million other things unwritten in the background. But somewhere between the lines, this has been a place to hash it out - regardless of how completely unrelated the topic of a post may be to the events they're tied to in my memory. Writing has seen me through a lot of growth and adventure and has always been my preferred way of working out the hot mess in my head. My blog may not have all my dirt (that's what my red spiral notebook is for) but let's be honest, I've got a nasty habit of oversharing, so it's got a fair amount ;). 

I love going back and reading old posts and seeing old photos. Im so glad to have a somewhat comprehensive journal of all the happy goings on around here. Because yes- there's dirt. There will always be dirt. But there is always SO much sunshine. 

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