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Garland c/o Love Garlands

Life is so calm right now. I really shouldn't type that out loud, should I? It's peaceful and we are in a good routine, which I'm learning in my old age helps us thrive more than anything. Time is going at a perfect clip and I'm so glad for the lull after so much crazy the last few years! These seasons of life are few and far between, so I'm soaking it in while it's here!

I weaned Otto gradually at about 11.5 months. I really despise weaning. It makes me sad and I go through a little dip of depression for a couple of weeks. I hate the ending of that chapter and giving up that piece of our relationship, but I also know that my fertility clock moves at a snail's pace so it was time to get that show thinking about considering getting on the road again. About a week after our last time (cue crocodile tears), and right after Otto turned 1, I realized that I felt more myself than I have in years! No wonky hormones. Not even a cycle. Just a little break from it all, and it's kind of great!

Observation by Milo re: my raisins, "hahaha! Look at that. That's silly that your boobs got little." You know you're seriously deflated when your 3 year old even notices.

Otto at 1- things I always want to remember (because all those sweet little quirks have a nasty way of slipping your mind as they gradually fade):
Always claps on command
Puts bum in the air and head on the ground downward dog style and giggles like a goof
Scoots on books- one hand on the book and crawls it around the room
So squirmy and ticklish
Eats everything
Drops ANYTHING he's doing if he hears someone say "yay!" So he can clap
Dancing fool
Sings himself to sleep
Loves throwing his food on the ground and throwing toys haphazardly behind him a la bombs away

We are LOVING Waxahachie. Not big. Not too tiny. Down to earth. It's such a great place!

I ran my first half marathon! I made it in 1:47. Fun! I want to try another one! Someday.

Life is so good and refreshingly normal- a definite recharging phase. These are days I'll look back on and remember with all good feelings.

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  1. Don't be shy, you did awesome in your half marathon. First place for women and 4th over all! 🏆🏆🏆

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