The Milo Highlight Reel

7:28 AM

3 year olds are funny, funny people. Some of the things that come out of this munch's mouth have me rolling. 

When he says his prayers, he always includes select cousins and his Aunt Sarah. It's usually "please bless my bed and daddy's and mommy's bed and Otto's bed and Jaxon's bed and Colton's bed and Hudsy's bed and Sarah and Ruby and Gaby and Madison and Zoey". He LOVES his people!

When Otto gets out of bed, it's always the sweetest reunion of smiles and hello's from these two. Brothers are the best!

Milo Quotes:
"Mom you're such a silly guy"

When Trevor is hug attacking me: "dad, that's my mom! That's just enough!"

First thing in the morning- me: hi bud! Milo: yeah! It's me!

Me- Milo want to go get the mail? Milo- no, it's hot. I don't want to go get the mail. (He's right you know. Texas is on fire.)

When he gets a shiver: "that was a big coldy!"

Asking to see dad leave for work- "Mom can I see dad out the teeny tiny teeny tiny little window please?" (The peep hole)

The other day in the church restroom, I went potty after Milo, during which he so gracefully informed everyone: "Mom, you just have a bum. And I have a penis. And Otto has a penis. And dad has a penis." Y'welc for the impromptu anatomy lesson, patrons of the women's room. 

Milo likes to ask ambiguous/difficult questions.

What are you sitting?
What is my room doing?
Why is this the fireplace?
What are these strawberries?

And he's old enough now that we can crack each other up in the kind of giggles where neither of you can breathe. I live for that!

Every morning he comes to me and says, I just want to snuggle. And we fall back asleep for a while and I melt. 

He's really something else, this boy!

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