On Being A Baby

6:51 PM

Rug c/o Lorena Canals // Bib and romper c/o Finn and Emma // Milestone cards c/o Milestone Cards

Otto isn't like Milo. I love Milo for all his energy and vigor and urgency with which he lives his life. But I love Otto for his more relaxed approach just as much.

Otto is the quintessential baby in every sense of the word. He's snuggly and giggly and smiley and chunky and delicious. His first word is mama and he loves his permanent spot on my hip. He's constantly checking things out and then always coming back to his safe haven of my arms. My baby is just such a baby, and I LOVE it. 

Just today at church, Otto fell asleep on my shoulder as I bounced him and rubbed his back. Milo's sleeping in arms days were log over by this age, so I'm soaking it all in with my Otto boy. I stood rocking him in the back of the primary room with a silly smile that couldn't be wiped off my face. Is there anything better than a baby asleep in your arms with their little cheek nestled in your neck? I think not. 

We've had so much fun with our Milestone cards, ever so gradually documenting all of Otto's biggest days. Please take your time crossing your big steps off the list sweet boy. You've got all the time in the world and although I'm trying to ignore the fact that 1 is just around the corner, we sure are enjoying the ride. 

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