5:28 PM

Oh that Milo. Have I mentioned he keeps me on my toes? Only about 100x? Well. Allow me to reiterate. 

He has unreal ears/vision for airplanes. He can spot them instantly. It's impressive. 

After my shower one day he asked me, "Where's your nis? I have a nis... Daddy has a nis... Otto has a nis... Did you break your nis?" Cue anatomy lesson.

When he's doing something he's not supposed to, and I tell him not to, he says "I'm not!" 🙄

When he wants to ask someone how old they are, he says, "what's your number?" Starting young with the pickup lines are we son?

He LOVES his bike. He just rides around and giggles. It's the cutest thing. 

When I say good job, he says "you're welcome!" And then of course I correct myself with thank you AND good job. Duh mom.

Whenever Otto falls asleep in the car, Milo feels it is his civic duty to yell at him to keep him awake. He knows the drill!

He's a champ with potty training! Although he still refuses to poop in the toilet. It will happen. Right?

He can't help but let out a little "woohoo!" When he's excited. It's so cute and understated. 

He likes to run in circles around the house naked. But I mean who doesn't? 

He would play trains all day and all night if he could. It's true love. 

He likes to plug his ears in the car and then say "Mom? Mom?" And like... I answer... A lot of times. He owns me.

He loves helping me clean (read: spray the cleaner) and sort the silverware.  

Gosh he's a sweetheart. I can't believe how big he's getting. We chat all day long and I couldn't imagine life without my best little bud! 

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