Just You and Me Baby

6:46 AM

I'm totally into the dynamic of these two brothers. Otto loves all of us, but it's clear that he already thinks Milo is the sun, moon, and stars. The admiration in his eyes when he watches Milo and the way his whole body lights up when Milo plays and laughs with him melts my heart! Milo loves laughing at the funny things Otto does and asks for him when he's sleeping. And when we drive, I spy on them smiling and laughing and chatting (and growling (Milo)) in the rear view mirror and try my best not to melt. 

The fast pace of two tiny ones makes me live for those pockets of time where I get just one of my boys all to myself with no distractions. It happens surprisingly less than I would have expected, but that makes me appreciate it all the more. I live for those moments when it's otherwise quiet and we get each other's undivided attention. It's rejuvenating for us all and helps us recenter. 

Last week we got to take Milo to the DoSeum in San Antonio just by himself, and I couldn't get enough of watching the wheels turn in his mind as he discovered every new thing. And yesterday, we chatted about dinosaurs while we did his sticker book for a whole, quiet 45 minutes. He let me sit nice and close and I was in heaven! 

Otto and I have these moments too. We check all his tickle spots, play with all his toys, and bounce around the room to our hearts' content. It's in these moments when I realize how divided my attention and love is with two babies, and how special it is to have these connecting moments with each one individually. 

I love my boys together and I love them separately! There are so many facets of this family dynamic- the boys together, Trevor and me, Trevor and them, each boy with one parent, each boy with both- and we are building and growing these relationships all the time. Family is a beautiful thing!

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