In Transit

9:56 PM

Transitions have never been my thing. It can be the most fun and exciting change, positive in almost every way, and somehow it still always manages to throw me for a loop. I've decided that as much as I'd like to be spontaneous and flexible, I'm very much a creature of habit. I like my routine, my surroundings, my comfort zone. And when all those things suddenly shift, I always find myself in a bit of a tailspin. 

Now don't get me wrong. There are a million and one amazing things happening here right now! Trevor has a job! He graduated! We moved to a HOUSE! We live close to my sister! This is a welcome adventure that we've been working towards for years! But right now in this moment, I have that sickish feeling that comes after months of travel nearly every weekend, questions, and decisions, all culminating in a big giant life change. 

We were READY to make this change. Our family needs it! We have space! The boys are sleeping better, eating better, and just overall are more at peace. We get a whole 2 weeks with Trevor home- he starts his new job one week from tomorrow. But along with all the joy and excitement lies apprehension. Moving is a lot of work. A LOT. I'll miss my friends in San Antonio and these days of loading and unloading and organizing are fun but weird. I feel out of sorts and just not settled, and I'm craving finding our new groove again for what seems like the 25th time in a row. 

But that's life right? You find your comfortable place just in time to have things upturned a bit, and then you recenter and find it again. Next week will be more normal than this week, and the week after that even more so. 

In the meantime, I'm trying to put my anxieties aside and just enjoy these slow and abnormal days. New and different always make the deer in headlights come out in me, but I'm especially thrilled and joyful about the changes happening this time. And I know that normal will come. We won't be ordering takeout and wearing our sweatpants all day forever, so I may as well soak in this funny little minute in time. 

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