Bathtime with the Babes

1:55 PM

Every night, Otto reaches his cranky threshold. First I try all the toys, then the snacks, then the bouncing, and when all those options are exhausted, we know it's bathtime! Warm water before bed is always a win for this boy. He lays still and lets the water float his hair around, chews on toys, and kicks his deliciously chunky legs and smiles. We love bathtime at our house!
Otto boy LOVES his darling little bath book from Nuby. It's soft and perfect for splashing and eating. And we are all about encouraging little readers in our house!

Bathtime may be our final Hail Mary every night, but it works wonders for this little munch. Plus, NOTHING beats a baby in a towel, amiright?

I received this item for a review, but all opinions are my own! Check out Nuby and their other darling bathtime products below!

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