The Carseat Tango

12:51 PM

I was wondering this morning approximately how much time I spend each day waiting for Milo to get his little bum into/out of the car. First there's the toy of choice. Then shoes (always his "super shoes"). Then actually getting him OUT the door, and then he has to run at least 3 laps around the car, chase the neighborhood cat, and draw in the dirt with a stick. When I finally tear him away, he meanders over to the car and I have to figure out if today is a "climb under Otto's seat" day or a "swing in the door" day. Depending on which one, we head to the respective side of the car and wait for the shenanigans to unfold. Once he's in, he has to attempt to get into the drivers seat (no), hang on the handle (get down) and pull down the seatbelt from the ceiling of the car. Ev.Er.Y.Time. Then he has to sit down and stand up and shut the door himself before I can buckle him and shut it again. Eventually his bum finds his seat for good, but of course he has to scoot his hips forward a few times to make it impossible to buckle, and I swear I'm going to develop carpal tunnel from trying to finagle his little appendages into that car seat. 

On the way out, 7/10 times I have to put his shoes and socks back on once we get where we're going because it's clearly next to impossible to keep your shoes and socks on for a whole 10 minute car ride. Then the unbuckle, followed by a boy momentarily let loose in the car (cue front seat and hanging attempts). He won't let me lift him out of the car of course, because he has to swing a few times and jump out with one hand on the door and the other on the car seat. If we're at home, there's again the matter of the cat and the stick and the lap running before he makes it into the house. 

Let's just say I went to the store with just Otto last week and was amazed at how fast the trip was. Three year olds are the weirdest.  

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