My Calling

5:40 PM

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Going into marriage, Trevor and I knew that we would do whatever we had to in order to make it work for me to stay home and raise the babies. When we started trying for Milo and it took longer than we expected, my heart ached in a way I had never experienced before. I could feel his presence, but he just wasn't quite earthside yet. I felt we were so close, and once he was finally growing on the inside, I felt unimaginable peace knowing he was safe and on the way into my physical arms. 

My sweet boys are my lot in life. I've never felt more myself than I do in this role. Being a stay at home mom is my life's greatest blessing, and I'm learning more about why all the time. My life allows me the unique opportunity to raise my babies, to teach them, help them learn and grow as I do the same myself, keep my house a home, and do all the other stereotypical "mom duties". But beyond that, there are so many things I can do. I can serve. I can be a friend. I can help in a bind. I can talk. I can support. I can give my time. 

There are times I'm tempted to feel "less than" my professional mom counterparts. Some women are made for the business world, but the cold hard truth is that I'm not one of them. I don't know how they do it, but respect! When I have these doubts, I'm so lucky to have a husband who reminds me that my dreams of motherhood are exactly why he married me. I have my own dreams, goals, and aspirations, and some related to my public health degree. I want more than anything to do humanitarian projects with my kids when they are older. My legacy in life won't likely be professional, but it will matter, and my children will be with me every step of the way because that's how we like it around here. 

I want to make my life worth it. This time with my babies is so precious for so many reasons, and I don't want to waste it. Lately I've felt like God gracefully gave me an adjustment period to get the hang of having 2 babies, and now he's gently nudging me to serve more, to open my heart to opportunities to give, and to step outside myself and grow.

I may not get paid for the work I do, and I certainly don't dress up every day to do it. But I experience more love than I ever thought possible, and I'm forever grateful for this unique medium of a life in which I can gradually mold into the wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend that God needs me to be. 

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  1. This is perfect. You just wrote everything in my heart. I'm not perfect at being a wife and mother. But it fills me with so much joy. You are a wonderful example!

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