My Boys in Bullet Points

1:24 PM

Plays trains like its his job
Loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches
Loves playing soccer
Likes to pretend now- his trains give each other high fives and knuckles, his motorcycles save each other
Sleeps in our bed with us
Walks in the store instead of being in the cart
Is potty trained about 20% of the time
Loves books
Knows most of his letters
Repeats everything he hears once (it's terrifying how much they pick up on!)
Calls tennis shoes "super shoes"
Hates having his hair cut
Wants to run everywhere
Remembers why I tell him rules (we hold hands in the street so we won't get hit by cars, we wear seatbelts to be safe, we only spit outside)
So agreeable most of the time
Loves helping with Otto

Smiles like crazy
Ticklish under his chin
Loves the bath
Gets so mad when he drops his toys
Loves his Bumbo
Loves big boy food 
Sleeps swaddled on his side between 2 rolled up blankets, naps in his swing
Has 2 little bottom teeth barely poking through finally, thank goodness!
Doesn't care much to roll or scoot
Likes when trevor tickles his tummy with his hair
Loves being outside 
Likes blowing mouth bubbles
Has the cutest little fluffy head

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