Little and Mighty

6:34 AM

There is such a reverence and sense of awe in watching a child grow into his own person. Milo is exploding with personality at the ripe old age of three and he's constantly taking me by surprise. He has ideas and excitement. He has dreams, likes and dislikes. He has feelings and he's always picking up on the things I least expect. He's learning how to function in social situations, how to be kind, how to care for and share with Otto, and how to show affection. He may be little, but he is mighty. 

It's humbling to be involved in something so precious and unique. To want this sweet boy, prepare my heart and life for him, feel his spirit in my life waiting to come to me and then ride the emotional roller coaster of trying to get him earth side, then to birth this little human and be involved in every thread of the fabric of his young life is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle. 

I'm soaking in every second of living these lives with my sweetest boys. 

The shirts Milo and Otto are wearing are from Little and Mighty, a Texas based company, and I LOVE them. They are soft, breathable, easy to play in, and comfy as all get out. The message resonates with my soul and the entire line is darling. Be sure to check them out at!

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