My Little Mister Milo

4:34 PM

My sweet, silly mister Milo these days:

You love to ti-toe upstairs when we need to help Otto stay asleep

When Otto wakes up, you say, I hear Otto! Let's go get him! Then you run upstairs and hang on the side of his crib and say, hi Otto! Hi!

All you need are sticks, rocks, and dirt. 

You love balancing on the curb and looking for dogs and cats everywhere we go. 

You love big trains. We go to Barnes and Noble solely for the train table and when I'm in a pinch you'll watch YouTube videos of trains. We can hear you all throughout church saying "choo choo" from nursery. You ask to go on the zoo train almost every day!

You pronounce fish "bersh" and it's adorable. 

You love the park. We go almost every day and you run and balance and play and climb and jump and talk to other kids. You love going on "the slides and the swings and on the playground" after we "go run in the stroller".

You love reading books. Sometimes we read the words, and sometimes we just talk about the pictures. 

At night, for now, you sleep with us. Sometimes you kick me but for the most part you stay asleep, and it's pretty darling waking up to you. At naptime sometimes you, Otto, and I all have a nap party on my bed and I love it. When you wake up, you're very careful to "be reery quiet because Otto is sleeping". 

You love dancing in the evenings when we turn on music and you have some pretty killer moves. 

You finally stay by me if I let you walk in the store... Kind of. 

Everything in life is exciting to you. You love playing and talking and joking and you know when you're being funny. You have THE brightest eyes. 

You point out every fire truck, big truck, tractor, semi, and somewhat large vehicle we ever see. 

We love playing the "don't smile" game and we both crack pretty fast. 

You have a sensitive heart, but you're tough when it comes to pain. You take some nasty spills and are always quick to stand up and assure us through your wincing: "I'm ok".

You love nursery because you get to "play with kids and play toys and color".

You are old enough to love story time at the library!

You love the "don't smile" game and we both bust up so fast. 

You probably could be potty trained but we're both being lazy about it... Still.  

Favorite toys: Legos, cars, trains, little people, animals. 

Favorite foods: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, ham sandwiches, quesadillas, chicken nuggets, ice cream, chocolate milk, juice, fruit.

You're my guy and one of my favorite parts of every day is seeing you come down around the stairs when you wake up to say hello. You're a firecracker and I love you to the moon and back!

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