Up To Date + 700 Pictures

12:31 PM

The past month Trevor has been off school and it's been such a party over here! Highlights:

-Harry Potter marathon
-The zoo
-Brackenridge Park train (Milo's favorite thing ever)
-Our 6 year anniversary (celebrated with Harry Potter, sparkling grape juice, and Otto)
-Christmas lights at the river walk 
-La Cantera mall (aka heaven)
-Otto's baby blessing with his cousin Ruby
-Party in Dallas with my sister Sarah
-Sea World
-So many parks 
-Organizing the apartment 
-Daydreaming about how Trevor is ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL!

Tomorrow he starts his last rotation and the real, actual home stretch of his academic career! And then a job! And a paycheck! We are so ready ;). It's been a trip doing this student thing, but we are all ready to feel more settled!

We are loving San Antonio. Our church ward is great and the weather is unreal. Talk to me in the summer when it's a million degrees and I'm sure I'll feel differently, but for now, it's heaven!
Blessing day!
Christmas Eve at the river walk
Sisters who nurse together stay together 
Best cousins 
Sea World!
La Cantera
Buying boxes to organize our storage unit 
My boy in his boots 
Spit up master 
Little man 
Zoo train!
We have loved having daddy home to play all month! Back to the grind tomorrow but life is so good y'all!

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