Magical Powers

7:05 AM

I'm pretty convinced that moms come with a set of magical powers that are gifted upon them when they have children. These powers enable them to survive while keeping their children alive and their sanity mostly in check. Allow me to elaborate. 

1- The power to sleep through just about anything but still wake up to the sound of a crying baby. I sleep with earplugs because Trevor sleeps like a grizzly bear. But somehow I still wake up to Otto in the night. It's great! I sleep through everything except the one thing I can't. 

2- The power to do things one handed. Make a sandwich, change a diaper, grocery shop... Functioning on less than the ideal number of appendages is truly a skill.

3- The power to handle constant noise. Or tune out whining. Granted, this power works until it doesn't. Sometimes it has to be recharged with sleep. Or a nap for said noisy child. 

4- The power to figure it out. Example: yesterday I needed a shower. And a nap. And you better believe that if the boys are both asleep, I am too. So we all took a bath together. I'm not saying it was that comfortable, but it got the job done and my legs are shaved and my hair is clean. So hey!

5- The power to never... Ever... Be alone. Ever. You build up a tolerance to always having company/someone hanging on you literally all day every day. And then you start feeling naked without little people on you. 

6- The power of the mom voice. I've heard this one exists, but I clearly haven't developed it yet because my instructions and words usually fall on deaf ears. If anyone wants to help me figure out how to get my toddler to listen to me, though, be my guest. 

7- Cat-like reflexes. Milo is fearless and somehow still alive. Case in point. 

8- The power to wrangle flailing bodies. I dare you to try and wrestle me. I will pin you to the ground SO FAST and get your little legs in your pants dangit!

9- The power to love so fierce that even when they make you kinda crazy, you start missing them when they go to bed. Because those sneaky little munchkins turn up the cuteness factor right as they go to bed and over the course of the evening you turn back into a puddle of mush for the next morning. Babies sleeping is like mother kryptonite. 

10- The power to shamelessly go to sleep at 9 PM and make date night a trip to Walmart with both kids and be completely thrilled about it because your husband opened your car door so it totally counts as a hot date right?

11- The power to find everyone's crap. Everywhere. Always. It's like I can see it in my mind. 

The other day I was reminiscing on flirty, fun high school Danielle. So much has changed and yet so much is the same. I can definitely say I wouldn't trade these days for anything. And I'm a lot more powerful now so I mean. Who's the real winner here, you know?  

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  1. Oh my gosh YES!! Dying laughing inside right now. Totally on point lady! Love love loved reading this!

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