Self Improvement

10:37 AM

Once upon a time (3 months ago), I had a baby and kind of just lived by the seat of my pants for a while. I've been staying up WAY too late for a lady with a newborn, napping almost every day, eating like a teenage boy, not journaling, not exercising, not unplugging, not reading my scriptures and praying as routinely as I absolutely should be, and neglecting so many of the barest necessities. While I do think there's a grace period to figure out a new routine (especially when your baby comes a month early after 9 months of feeling miserably ill and you're in the middle of a move), you guys. It's time for me to stop living like a freshman in college. Know what I mean!?

So get this. I felt so strongly that I needed to just pull it together, and that Heavenly Father would help me. When we moved, I made it my goal to just get it all under control and find our actual groove. We have gradually been working hard on getting all these things in a better place and it is making a WORLD of difference. While our life isn't overly structured by any means, I'm a firm believer in some semblance of a routine so that both my kids and I know what to expect out of our days. And in this time, Milo has transitioned to a big boy bed with no problems, he is 50% potty trained, he's taking his naps and going to bed really faithfully around the same imtjme every day, my milk production is WAY up, Otto is being SO much happier, sleeping longer intervals, and is eating great. I'm more energized and less cranky which I'm sure is helping everyone around here ;). 

Whenever I spend a chunk of time letting the whole "take care of yourself" thing fall through the cracks, I want to smack myself when we finally get it back together. Of course there's a learning curve with change, but the basics- spiritual, physical, and mental health are SO critical to be the mom and wife I want to be. 

I still have so far to go. So far. And it feels overwhelming when I think of all the areas of my life that need improving, so I can really only focus on one thing at a time, and if probably takes me longer than most at that. But the desire is there and the work is in motion. And the inirtia from 2 happy boys and an energized and healthy mom sure is doing a lot to keep me motivated. Yet another example of the obvious things in life having to hit me over the head in order for me to catch on, eh? I tend to be that way with change. But hey! We're getting there. 

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