Otto Growing Up

4:59 PM

Today I was feeling all proud of myself for not being a ridiculous ball of mush about my baby growing up like I was with Milo. I think it's because I know that everything to come is just so good. Fast forward to 3 hours later when I was crying over my baby in the bathtub because he's getting so big. Insert sentimental eye roll. Some things never change.

One aspect of getting bigger that I am definitely enjoying? Sleeping through the night. What!? It's amazing. Never thought I'd be the mom with a baby who actually sleeps through the night! It's not every night, but enough that I feel pretty awesome and well rested. It's kind of the greatest. 

However, I'm avoiding breaking out the 3-6 month clothes like the plague because there's just SOMETHING about putting away sizes of baby clothes that destroys a momma from the inside out. 

Otto boy lately:
Smiling more and more
Fuzziest little perfect head
Eating and sleeping champion
Best pouty face
Loves the bath
Smiles at big brother
Kicks and flails always

LOVE this baby boy of mine!

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