Hitting the Diet Reset

3:45 PM

I'm generally a pretty healthy, mindful eater (minus the candy habit- can't kick it y'all). Learning how to properly fuel my body has been a long, ongoing journey that for me will probably always be evolving, but a lot of trial and error have taught me how great everything in life can be when I'm eating right. In my brain, healthy eating oscillates between rocket science and common sense, but one thing I always know is that I feel WONDERFUL when I'm in a good groove.

 But here's my confession: sometimes I get sloppy when it comes to food. And this year, I spent 9 months with my head in the toilet, ended my pregnancy emaciated, and then suddenly had 2 babies while trying to move and re figuring my diet took a backseat. For me, post pregnancy is the time that I need to regain my normal healthy weight and fuel my body back to optimal health.

A few weeks ago, I knew I was long overdue for a refresh. Time to kick the cold cereal habit and fill myself with all the nutrients I need to be the mom! It's work y'all! And seemingly overnight, my milk supply soared and my butt fills out my jeans again. And it's some kind of wonderful feeling energized and womanly again!

I tend to eat the same things every day. I know that's weird and seems boring, but I love it. It keeps things simple and I only eat things I like! I do not claim to be any kind of nutrition expert by any means, but I do know what seems to work for me. Right now my rotation is a daily combo of the following:

Baked sweet potatoes (I cut them and microwave them for 5 min and take them on the go often!)
Greek yogurt
Brussels sprouts (veggies with low calorie dip are my favorite!)
Wheat thins
Cottage cheese
Big salads
Special K cereal
Kix (I'm 7)
Granola bars 
Protein shakes
Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
...And of course Good and Plenties and Redvines because everyone needs a sanity treat!

I've been counting calories and keeping a food journal because historically for me, that's the best way to keep track of what's going in and mentally with my food issues, it helps for me to see exactly what I'm eating and how much. It's also helping me figure out how many calories I need while breastfeeding. I'm not necessarily shooting for a certain number, because I need to figure out what my body needs first and foremost to keep up with Otto boy. But I've found that I tend to need between 2,000 and 2,300 calories in order to not be starving. It sounds like a ton to me, but when I remember that I'm burning extra calories around the clock, it makes sense that when I fall below that I'm starving! 

The other thing that contributes to my calorie needs is exercise. I'm finally back in a good groove of jogging every day and that does more for my sanity than anything! It feels so good to be back to myself after a pretty crazy year. If I can tell you one thing that helps me the most as a mother, it's exercise and eating healthy (and enough). And it's making a huge difference for Otto, too! Yay for health and filling myself up with the things that will keep me going!

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