Life Lately

1:44 PM

Otto is 8 weeks old! What!? He's 8 lbs even and as darling as could be. He isn't super into sleep. However, there is one sure fire way he will pass out like a light: sleeping with me. So we take lots of naps together and cuddle all night long. Whatever gets us through the days and the long, long nights, right!?

Milo is waking up at like 6 AM these days. Hello early. However, I so need to stop being such a night owl, so going to bed earlier myself becoming a necessity will only help!

We went to target 2 times last week. One time Milo was insane and running around and Otto was nursing. The other time Milo was great and Otto had a blowout out the carrier and down my leg and it was pouring rain when we left. I need new public places to humiliate myself. 

Our move to San Antonio is in less than 2 weeks!! I am so excited and ask me if I'm packed. I dare you. I'll give you a clue- nope. I haven't even finished folding the laundry I washed 2 weeks ago. #ontheball

Otto and Milo both wore Christmas jams starting November 1. (OTTO IN SANTA JAMS I AM DYING) And I broke out the Christmas station already too. I am so already in holiday spirit! Something about having kids gets me into it like crazy. LOVE this cozy time of year!

Speaking of holidays, never in my life have I seen anything as darling as Milo trick or treating. He wore his Darth Vader jams and we went with some friends. He got scared of the spiders and ghost but overall loved asking TRICK OR TREEEEAT at every house, loading his bucket with candy, and politely thanking everyone (proud mom moment). Gosh it was cute. Halloween as a mom is SO FUN. Trevor carried Otto half the time and I walked and nursed him the other half. Story of our lives- that kid loves to grub! 

I'm on a homemade bread kick. Guys- my bread machine makes me look so domestic. 3 minutes of throwing ingredients in and 3 hours later in the bread machine I'm a baking hero. 

I'm noticing a trend on this blog lately- an that trend is overall jumbledness. And I'm pretty ok with that for now because it's a pretty accurate picture of life with my 2 little men! 

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