Hello Alamo City

11:01 PM

We're here! We made it! And for a hot 28 hours, Trevor was here too! That was the fastest move ever and holy moly, I'm glad we have all the time in the world to settle! The boys and I have loved our slow days with no agenda since getting here and are having fun exploring the city and setting up our nest. We FaceTime daddy a couple of times a day- usually in the morning when everyone is at their best, and again in the evening when everyone is reaching their worst!

Milo is suddenly speaking in huge, full on sentences. It happened all at once. I can pinpoint the exact day- Saturday, a week ago. He's just getting so grown! It's so fun to have him to chatter with all day (ALL DAY) long. We talk about what all the sounds are, what's scary and what isn't, we discuss all the trucks, remark about all the funny things Otto does, and when he's being "kinda loud mommy", we make sure to fill him up so he can be happy. Explaining the world in 2 year old terms is really eye opening. I'm also amazed all the time at how many things he remembers that I have only told him once or twice or never. Baby brains are sponges I tell you!

Every day we venture out to the mailbox and the dumpster, and maybe hit a new store. There's a big field nearby that is a Milo dream- running for days! He's so happy and playful and makes great company since Trevor is away!

Otto- oh this little Otto :). He's squishy and cute and yummy and the most kissable little babe. He also... Is kind of angry a lot. But we are getting there and trying to set some routines and doing some trial and error. And in the meantime I'm spending a whole lot of time being a human pacifier and my arms are getting extremely toned because of it! We love him and Milo loves him and we all understand how it feels to have emotional times in life ;).

The weather here, so far, is gorgeous. People are great and our apartment is small but clean and cute and quiet. We are excited that this week we get Trevor here for a fumes days for thanksgiving! It's always better when we're together. 

My heart is in a place of growing I think, where I'm kind of tearing myself down to the core and re-centering after a few months (make that a year) of crazy and busy. It feels good to be here and somewhat isolated just with my little guys and nothing else on our plate. We've needed to just slow down and breathe for a while and get back to just each other, and that's exactly what's happening. I'm thinking a lot about what will have been most important to me when I look back on these years with tiny kids, and I want the memories to be of all the best and most important things. I want to use my time right and be the mom they need and deserve. There are so many things to work on and ways I could improve, and right now I still give in and take a nap most days. But we are adjusting and learning and growing and I'm thankful that I can take it one step and one day at a time. SThis motherhood thing- I tell you what. It is not for pansies. 

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