Life according to my iPhone

1:15 PM

Life according to my iPhone:

A messy, jumbled post because I have so much to catch up on and my brain wants to take the easy way out ;)

First of all, my boys//
-coloring with crayons nonstop
-loves to "go hiding"
-loves granola bars, bananas, and "chocolate juice" (chocolate milk)
-loves holding Otto for like 30 second increments 
-still naps like a champ
-likes to swing, spin, jump, run in circles, etc
-bubbles are his jam (in and out of the bath)
-hates having anything messy on his hands
-needs to get potty trained. Oy- suggestions welcome!

-sleeps great if we co sleep
-nursing like a champ
-likes to be around the family
-loves singing
-always making little noises 
-prefers to sleep on his tummy
-always wants to be held (you got it babe!)

We are having such a ball with this sweet new boy of ours! He's heaven and our days at home, just my two boys and me, are the very best thing. So many evenings I look around at my little family of four and can't believe this is really my life! I couldn't have ever imagined it being any more blissful. A little crazy, yes- but the best kind of crazy. And maybe a touch less sleep happening ;). I keep catching myself saying "the boys" and "the kids" and my heart skips a beat!

 I'm loving nursing this babe all day (and night) long and feeling so much more back to my normal self after a really tough pregnancy! So worth it but oh my!! I sure like this boy on the OUTSIDE! I'm back to jogging and taking it slow, but it feels amazing to be doing something active again after an extremely sedentary third trimester. I'm soaking up every sniff, kiss, and snuggle with these sweet babies and hoping time slows down pretty please!

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