When Otto Came to Town

11:48 AM

There's a funny thing that happens to a mom right before her new babe is about to make his appearance. On Sunday, August 30, I felt this unrelenting need to have everything for the hospital packed, plans made for Milo, and the house in order for Otto to arrive. All along this pregnancy, I had the feeling that he would be early, so I wanted to be prepared just in case. I actually prepped more this time around, I think mostly because I'm already in mommy mode of making sure everyone has everything they need at any given time. The way our brains seem to rewire themselves once we have babies is really pretty convenient!
Monday morning, I had my 35 week checkup. I told the doctor that I had been having quite a few contractions, sometimes strong. This was nothing new- I start having Braxton Hicks contractions in my first trimester. To be safe, he checked me- and we were both surprised that I was dilated to a 4 already and that baby was dropped low, locked and loaded. Of course, I could have walked around for weeks that way, but he warned me that when I went into labor, Otto would come fast. He told me not to go far from home, to stay with someone as much as possible, and to keep towels in my car (gross). He also eased my mind when he told me that anytime past 35 weeks, if I went into labor, they wouldn't try to stop me. So we were in the safe zone!
That whole week I was an exhausted, contracting wreck. I had zero energy to move. I waddled miserably around the house from couch to couch- it was extremely attractive I'm sure. Wednesday, I was having contractions regularly again and went in to the clinic to be checked, just to be safe. Still a 4.
Friday I had very few contractions and was thankful for a little break! I was starting to think I was in for a very uncomfortable few weeks of long, slow labor. The next morning, Saturday, September 5, I ran a couple of errands and got home to my trusty giant stuffed caterpillar that I used as a body pillow. Around 1, I tried to take a nap, but was wired for whatever reason so I gave up. I started contracting now and then around that time, so I got up to eat lunch thinking they were Braxton Hicks and would go away if I moved around a bit. Around 3, I started having real, strong, painful contractions. By 3:20 I started timing them- 7 minutes- and by 3:45 they were every 3-4. I told Trevor that we should probably go to the hospital JUST to be safe. Labor is funny- when you're contracting you KNOW it's for real. But as soon as the pain comes, it goes, and you start second guessing. One minute you're kneeling on all fours in the hallway holding your breath, the next you're making sure you have an adequate stash of candy in your hospital bag. Then a few minutes later you have another full-body-overwhelming confirmation that YES it's hospital time again, and then you play this guessing game all the way there.  

I hadn't pre registered at the hospital yet, so we had to (quickly and between contractions) fill out the forms before I could head to labor and delivery. Once we got up to L and  D around 4:15, I was dilated to a 6 and admitted (at 36 weeks and 1 day). It was baby day!!! 
The doctor said this boy would come fast, and he was right! My body is awful at getting pregnant, terrible at being pregnant, but fantastically efficient at getting those babies out here ;). Within an hour, I had my IV in and the anesthesiologist was on her way up to give me my blessed epidural (which I got around 6 PM). Immediately after, the doctor broke my water and we talked about my plan. I asked if I could have a mirror so I could watch Otto come out, which was one of the best decisions I could have made. I loved it! He also asked me if I wanted to reach down and help pull him out when it was time, and I said of course! He instructed the nurses to check my progress in a couple of hours. By 7:30 the nurses were instructing me NOT TO PUSH over and over because I was fully dilated, Otto's head was visible, and they needed to call the doctor. The nurses and doctor were so great at coaching me through delivery. When you can't feel anything (I love you epidural block), you need someone to tell you when to push- ha! Within 15 minutes and 4 contractions, I got to watch his fuzzy dark-haired head emerge, reach down and grab my sweet boy, hear a perfect, loud cry, and put him directly on my chest. I can't even write it without bawling and having the chills. That moment, with both of my boys, is the most magical, heavenly experience that I could relive over and over. There is nothing that compares to meeting your sweet, tiny newborn for the very first time.
After I got to hold him for a few minutes, the nurses quickly wiped him down, weighed him, and checked his vitals. They gave him right back and within 10 minutes of being born, he latched on and nursed like a little champ. My brother brought my Milo up to the hospital that night so that I could be with both of my sweet boys for a bit, and nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing those two together for the first time. Milo LOVES Otto, and I love that. I will never forget watching Milo saunter into the delivery room, suddenly looking like a teenager and laying eyes on his brother for the first time.
From the get go, Otto has been healthy, strong, happy, and an amazing eater. He spends most of his time cuddled up to me in some way or another, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine our family without him now. He has filled in a piece of our hearts that we didn't even know we had! We love you forever sweet Otto boy!

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  1. You are the sweetest thing. I loved this!


  2. Awe, I love that he's here!! Loved this!!

  3. Such a beautiful birth story! Thanks so much for sharing <3

    Cec || Dearest Lou

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