35 Weeks

8:29 AM

Dear Trevor: you're doing an excellent job of helping me with everything and walking on eggshells because when your wife is extremely pregnant and hormonal, everything you say can and will be used against you. You LOVE me? I mean what do you MEAN by that!? I'm crazy. It's fine. 

Dear Milo: You're a rockstar. Thanks for not making me run in circles with you. And you're cute. And you're kind of bipolar but I guess that comes with the territory of being 2. P.s. I'm sorry it made you so mad that I was wearing socks the other day. 
(Obgyn selfie)
Dear baby brother: thanks for all the extra space in my lungs you've given me this week! Unfortunately for the world, that means that my under belly is officially way too large to consistently stay covered with most of my shirts. Talk about sexy!

Dear self: I'm proud of you for packing a hospital bag this time after your doctor informed you that you are 4 cm dilated. And I hope you're excited to maybe walk around for the next 4 weeks contracting regularly (yup- we're doing that again) feeling like your baby is going to fall out. 

Dear Target: thanks for having cheap little boys' boxer briefs with no special hole and a super thick waist band. You will be my best recovery friend besides my numbing spray, ice packs, and drugs. 

Dear sleep: it was fun while it lasted. We will meet again someday. 

Dear Overdrive: you are the best app ever. Checking out ebooks from my couch? Amazing. 

Dear belly: I do really love having you around. 

Dear boobs: get ready. (And dear Trevor: you are limited to one "moo" at me per week).

Dear Laundry: oh, you want to be washed again? Ok sounds fun! Can't stop won't stop cleaning. #nesting

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