Kansas + Home

8:34 AM

We did it! We survived all 10 weeks of being away this summer! We were so well taken care of, and I can't really describe how great it feels to be home and doing our life again. I've never been more thrilled to keep my own house tidy and do all my own chores and organize ... Could be the nesting talking, but regardless, being the one in charge of running a family household and schedule is some kind of wonderful. 

We had a ball in Kansas this past week playing with my family because my little brother Seth came home from his mission in Brazil! Cousins are the best and Milo and his little bud Hudson are inseparable. And now for the photo dump:
Welcome home Seth!
Swimming at black bob 
We got to spend lots of time with Uncle Russ!
Petting zoo- this place is awesome and FREE!
Visiting the girls- Milo loves his aunties!
So happy to finally meet miss Addi!
Swimming with Jordan and her babes
Trampoline gym- Milo heaven!
Little Mr Munch had a ball bowling and was accepting zero assistance 

Siblings and pregnant sisters! So fun being due just 2 weeks apart!
Post swimming naps. This boy got so many bug bites and cuts and bumps and bruises this summer. Such a boy!

And finally, finally we are home! Thank you Aunty Caitlyn for picking us up! Longest travel day ever but Milo has been in heaven at home ever since! 

And now we are just soaking up life at home, slowly cleaning and getting everything in order and catching up on sleep. So nice to be back in Texas!

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