In My Head

10:06 PM

Milo loves his baby friends 
Nesting like CRAZY 
My best boys
34 weeks!

All day long I feel like I could keel over at any second, and then bedtime finally rolls around and my brain (and my baby boy) are all LET'S PARTY! With this little man about to join our family on the outside in just a matter of weeks, I sure have a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head!

I hope Milo loves him. Milo loves babies, and nothing feels more special to me than giving my big baby a little baby. 

I'm really, really, really excited to be able to eat again. 

I'm getting a little nervous. I have to be honest. Life is about to change a lot and I don't really know how exactly. But I do know that I love this tiny boy and that I'm about to be sleep deprived but feeling well and somewhat human again. And that alone is comforting. 

We have a name- and have for a while. It's a good one. I'm excited to tell :). Middle name is still being debated. 

I wonder where I'll be and when I'll go into labor. I LOVED just waiting for it to happen with Milo and am excited that those days are coming again. 

Milo is so grown to me lately. He kisses my tummy when I don't feel well and puts me in time out when he doesn't like the way things are going (such as tonight when it was bedtime. "Milo let's go brush your teeth and go night night!" "Tine out mom!") and he knows how it works: "I be happy the store! I have a candy!" 

He climbed out of his crib today at naptime, climbed on furniture to turn on the light, and I walked in and found him playing extremely silently. I mean can you even be upset about that? Such a goose. 

He loves to play basketball. And jump. And run. And spin. 

I haven't decided if he realizes a baby is coming. He pokes my belly button while is way past popping out whenever I try to show him his baby moving. The other day I said, where's the baby? And he said, baby wiggling! Which- he always is. So he was totally right! 

He does the nakey nakey dance. And if one of us is appropriately clothed for said dance, he tells us to dance. And then we die. 

Right now I'm thankful to have these last weeks to just be pregnant. I'm not working, I'm not traveling. Milo and I are just together and resting and helping baby brother grow. It's uncomfortable and bliss all at once and I'm cherishing these days with my tiny booboo still on the inside because I missed it like crazy after having Milo and I know the same will happen this time (minus the sickness and uncomfortable parts!). My heart feels like it could explode and I feel like I really can't wrap my head around this huge thing happening, so I won't try too hard and I'll just enjoy it all while it lasts. Time goes too quickly and I'm pretty sure these right here are the glory days. 

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