The Updates

1:00 PM

Splash park!
Getting a back rub while baby brother kicks him around
4th of July! 
Playing in the dirt
Always sharing his food with Nacho the dog
Otter pops and swimming 

Surprise! Sticking around Vegas for the summer! Originally Milo and I were planning to stay 3 weeks and go home, but the longer we were here, the sicker I got, and the more we didn't want to leave daddy, and when the board of realtors told me it would cost $800 to renew my license for another year (most of which we will be away for Trevor's final clinical and also have 2 babies), it was clear that this was the time to make a clean break from the real estate world. So now I get to bask in mommyhood now that the last year of real estate has officially served its purpose and gotten us in a financial spot that will let us get through this last 10 months of school (hallelujah)! There sure are a lot of unknowns coming in the next year, but they are good and exciting unknowns and we are so excited to see how they unfold. 

Milo is talking talking talking and running and jumping always. He is 100% BOY and I'm in love. His highlights lately:
- He calls himself "Mimo"
- Climbs out of the pool and jumps in from the side or diving board all by himself over and over 
- Loves playing with the "goggies" (doggies)
- Does not even care to listen to me when he's doing what he wants. This is so challenging! He's not trying to be blatantly naughty which makes it that much more complex. Toddlers, I tell ya.
- All about trains and cars and helicopters (delicopters) and boats and motorcycles and anything that goes
- Does not shop well. Haha. Slash not that funny. He is far too busy for such mundane things. 
- Naps like a champ still. Goes and goes and goes and then we both take a 2-3 hour nap every day and it is glorious!
- Loves to color
- Loves books
- Knows to fold his arms and close his eyes after the songs at church
- Very adamant about having clothes on
- Not shy. Everyone is his best friend!
- Sweet and nurturing and happy and strong. I am so in love with that boy!

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