Las Vegas Days + 29 Weeks

11:07 AM

 Taken at 28 weeks!
Ice cream + belly table
Putting those dogs in their place
And just like that, more than 6 weeks have come and gone since we arrived in Vegas for our summer! We are so mucky to have this time with Trevor's family. I really hit the jackpot in the in-laws department and we've been able to relax and be taken care of and stay with daddy, which is just what we needed. 

Pregnancy update: I'm 29.5 weeks and still cooking right along! I haven't jogged or walked in weeks because of some painful and irritating swelling and contractions that get worse with lots of movement. It doesn't make me feel much like myself to be so still, but for now, it's what my body needs and I need to save my energy for chasing Milo around. So swimming and stretching it will be from here on out!

Last week I started feeling a bit unsettled about things. I am still sick as a dog and contracting quite a bit, and sometimes painfully so. As much as this pregnancy is a carbon copy of Milo's as far as size, contractions, and sickness, I wasn't feeling right about going so long without a prenatal appointment. I called my doctor back in Texas and he told me to get in somewhere, and you would not believe how much of a hassle it is to be seen for one routine obgyn appointment at 28 weeks! Thanks to some miracles, connections, and good people, I was able to get in with a doctor and have everything checked out. Besides my blood pressure being slightly low (which is apparently common on pregnancy) and my fundal height being just a bit small (about 2 cm off like it was with Milo the whole time), everything looks great. It definitely put my mind at ease to have a doctor check on everything and tell me this baby boy is doing perfectly well!
-He kicks hard all the time
-He found some fun nerves to kick that make pain shoot down my legs
-He gets hiccups a lot
-Trevor likes to grab his little feet through my stomach and chase them around- father son bonding starts early in our family ;)
-Sleeping has been tricky! My legs are pretty restless and achey so it's been taking a while to fall asleep. My best bet is to have a good stretch right before bed and then sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs. 
-My heart is SO so happy and excited for this little bug! 
-Sometimes when I'm laying on the couch miserable, Milo comes over and strokes my face and plays with my hair and says, it's ok mommy. And then I turn into a puddle of boy mom mush and fall even more in love with my life. He's too much, that sweet munch. I cannot WAIT to see him be the big brother! One of the things that makes this new baby so special is that I'll get to share it all with my best little friend. The amazingness of bringing a baby to our family and to my baby kind of blows my mind in the best way possible. 

Our other exciting news is that we are headed to San Antonio in the winter for Trevor's last rotation! We also have plans formulating in our heads to try and find a job and stick around there after Trevor graduates, but life tends to happen the way it wants in aspects like that, so it will be fun to see the next year unfold! For now we are SO excited about a new exciting place that we hear so many good things about!

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