21 weeks and IT'S A BOY!

2:15 PM

Sometimes in life, you know exactly what you want. For whatever reason, (even to the point that it has made me feel a bit guilty!) I was really hoping for a boy this time! I think a big part of it is that I have a boy and LOVE it, and also that I already have tons of boy stuff, and also that teenage girls terrify me. Something about little boys just grabs a momma's heart in a really special way, and I have always loved that feeling. 

When we went in for our anatomy scan, I was actually not super thrilled with the tech. She wouldn't turn the screen AT ALL so I could see it. She kept getting mad at my baby for moving (not my fault that I produce wiggly babies lady!) and she waited until literally the very end to tell me the gender because she gets annoyed when moms are excited. These things combined definitely killed the magic just a little bit, but just a little bit ;). She got a money shot right between his legs, and let's all say we can be VERY sure this baby is a BOY!!!! OH I cried. I was so, so excited and have been floating on cloud 9 ever since! 

Milo came with us and I'm so glad he was there. He mostly just called the baby a monkey and an elephant the whole time (Trevor and Milo could see the screen from where they were), but it was so dang cute to see some of his very first interaction with his brother. He needs a little brother to beat up on so badly (HA) and I'm so glad I finally get to give him one!!! 

Otherwise, at 21 weeks:
- Comparatively, SO much energy. May have to do with the fact that Trevor has been letting be sleep in until 9 every day and that I nap whenever possible. But hey. 
- Sickness- comes and goes. Puking twice a day and then moving on with life is much much better than the first trimester and a half of all day long combined with zero energy!
- Kicks, always. I have a couple of videos of my belly moving on my phone and feel them all the time! Milo does not care to try. He just likes to poke my weirdly shaped flat-almost-popped belly button. 
- Braxton Hicks contractions, all the time. If I'm dehydrated they happen almost every time I move. If I'm hydrated, they happen sometimes. I was like this with Milo too!
- Running is hit and miss. We go every day, but some days are awful and others are great. Pregnancy round 2 is different for a lot of reasons, and the main one is that I'm active all day chasing around a toddler! So, if I don't have an awesome 5 mile run every day, I decided I can officially cut myself some slack! Milo and I have still been going out in the stroller every day and a couple times a week we definitely walk more than run, but we aim for about an hour of movement- even if it's at a waddle pace- outside a day. 
- I'm feeling HUGE. This babe is getting big, fast! Maaaybe has something to do with my HUGE appetite as well, because the little man was only 12 oz on Tuesday. I can seriously eat like an army of teenage boys! 
- Wearing anything that sounds comfortable and isn't restrictive. Not quite needing maternity clothes, but dresses are my best friends! Pregnancy is a special time in life where you wear weird things all the time because nothing fits right and your body is different every 20 minutes. I'm embracing it. In my sweat pants. 
- Loving having Trevor off school and getting to party with (all 3 of) my boys right now! We are finally regrouping, recharging, and rejuvenating after 4 of the hardest, busiest, sickest, most intense months of our lives! It's such a breath of fresh air that words cannot describe!

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