19 Weeks

7:34 AM

Feeling: If there was one word to describe the way I'm feeling right now, it's exhausted. I cannot get enough SLEEP! As a direct result, the second word to describe how I feel is cranky. My hormonal tired fuse is just far too short right now, and I don't love that, because I promise! I'm happier than I've ever been! Ever! My face just has a hard time showing it, and Milo, you do not need 15 beverages in bed and will you please just go to bed. Thankfully I have a patient husband ;). Oh and still sick. Of course. So maybe that's adding to the exhaustion. Just a guess.

I officially can't get up before Milo to run the last couple of weeks. This is actually fine, because we have been soaking up the nice mornings in the jogging stroller! We both sleep in... we get fresh air... it's a total win.

Baby: This little baby is so, so deliciously wiggly. I love that secret little kicking feeling just between us all day long. This is probably the part of pregnancy I missed most- having my little one just kicking "hello" all day.

We also find out if it's a boy or a girl on May 19th! I'm completely clueless, but we will be thrilled either way!

Craving: There is no rhyme or reason to this question. I've been loving chicken this pregnancy, which is so atypical for me. Also pixy sticks and nerds, which is just ridiculous. More often than not, though, I want something salty instead of sweet!

Sleep: I get major insomnia when I'm pregnant and can only sleep on the floor or a very firm surface. Call me crazy- it won't hurt my feelings. So, yes. I have a blanket throne on the floor and you can find me asleep on there. Sometimes. Also having crazy dreams in which I'm working really hard on something frustrating all night long. So restful, right? I might be going through a slightly stressful/anxious phase in life right now.

Daydreaming About: We've had some friends staying with us who have a 3 month old, and Milo is completely enamored with him. It makes me SO excited to see him with his sibling. I think the thing I'm most excited about this time around is to share the whole experience with my favorite little guy. He will be such a huge part of these memories and that will make it all the more special!

Also, breastfeeding. Nervous for the exhaustion and waking up all night (and crossing my fingers that this baby is a better sleeper than Milo because let's just say Milo woke up 3 times last night and he is over 2 years old and what is happening will someone tell me?!) but I cannot WAIT for those warm sweet long baby snuggles all day and all night. I know things will be different this time around with a toddler, and I don't really understand all the ways how, but I do hope we still get a little taste of the quiet and slow pace that comes with a tiny newborn.

Overall: This pregnancy is still flying by compared to Milo. It's really kind of great. I'll be halfway in a couple of days and in my head I'm still just barely pregnant, even though we've known for 4 months!

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