Things You Should Know

7:39 AM

Unrelated: Milo's many faces. 

1. Chick-Fil-A Ice Dream is the best soft serve that exists.

2. It is beneficial to have 2 carseats when you regularly trade Milo duty. I have yet to buy a second carseat. But I'm sure when I do it will be magical.

3. If you put a lot of effort into scheduling something extremely inconvenient and locating a sitter and counting the drive time and timing everything down to the minute, it will most likely fall through the day you finally have arrangements finalized. #realestate

4. It doesn't storm very much in west Texas. But when it does, my Kansas  heart sings. 

5. Try not to teach your child to throw things on the floor when they are done with them. I knew I should have broken myself of that habit sooner. 

6. Sometimes in life, you have neighbors who wake up at 5 AM every day (and somehow stay up all night) and go outside and just be loud. It's what they do for fun. 

7. It is a victorious day indeed when your child recognizes Jesus in pictures. 

8. Online shopping is fun (but also mostly forbidden) when the whole site is on sale and the town you live in has zero stores.

9. You know it's time to move past Go Diego Go when your child's self proclaimed theme song for his life is "Go! Go go GO!" 

10. I'm tryingo be a good mom and start introducing letters. And every time we get to B, he says NO. So clearly we will be waiting on the phonics thing.

11. If you're eating an apple, and then your child wants an apple, and you get him one, he will still want yours.

Happy Tuesday!

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