Running With Severe Morning Sickness

6:57 AM

I'm so excited that I can finally openly talk about this tiny babe I've been cooking all year, because now I can start discussing all the things I've been keeping on my running blog post list in my phone with you!

If you followed my pregnancy with Milo, you know that I was sick the whole 9 months. Thus far baby number two is following suit, with one catch- when you have a 2 year old running around to love on all day, you don't get to take naps periodically throughout the day or vomit whenever you need to. It's so different. And I have a lot of posts about the logistics of morning sickness with a toddler coming. But today I want to tell you about one of the number one things that has saved me both pregnancies: RUNNING!
I'm going to be completely honest. Getting up at the crack of dawn and running before it's light out or before Milo wakes up basically makes me want to die every morning. I'm exhausted when I go to bed and when I get up, and nauseous/puking all day in between. But there's something about getting my blood pumping early in the day that eases the sickness, even just for a while, and gives me a comparatively huge boost of energy. It's a life saver. Early on, I talked to my doctor about continuing to run through my pregnancy, and he has been completely supportive and even encouraging. He told me about a lot of the benefits of running during pregnancy (easier labor and delivery, more moderate weight gain, natural nausea management) and told me to keep it up.
Both of my pregnancies have been so similar, and my experiences with running have been about the same both times thus far. In the very beginning, as early as 5 weeks, I notice a huge and sudden downturn in energy. Suddenly running my usual 6 miles at a 7.5 MPH pace feels extremely taxing on my body. In normal life, I can upkeep this pace for a long distance without feeling like I'm working too hard. I know I'm really pushing my body when my legs feel tired while I run, and that's exactly what happened. In normal life I push through these tough days and it's better within a week. In pregnant life, it gets harder and harder and I know it's not going to pass.

First I started to drop my speed. For a week I went 7 MPH, then 6.5, and then 6. Once I dropped to 6 MPH (10 minute mile) around week 8, I also cut my distance to 5 miles a day. 50 minutes- give or take- of running is all I really care to do every day, and even on the hardest days, I can push through and make it for 5, 10-minute miles. Some days I feel like every mile lasts a lifetime, and other days I actually feel surprisingly decent. But every day, I'm glad I did it.
There was one day that I didn't pull it out of bed early enough to get my run in before Milo woke up, and that morning was miserable. I was extra nauseous (which is saying a lot- I'm a 2-3 times a day puker when I'm making babies), and completely bone tired (also saying a lot because most days, especially the first trimester, I want to cry every time I have to stand up). I ran during Milo's naptime that day but it felt way harder than it always does when I get it done in the morning. Since then I haven't missed a morning (except Sundays which I always take off) and I'm thoroughly convinced that it has made a huge difference for me every day.
The past week or two, I've had a few days where I felt just a touch more energetic. I haven't stepped up my speed or distance at all, and I don't know if I will. Like last time, I plan to play it by ear and as I get further along, do what I can and feel good about it. I remember when I got really big last time, I would have to take periodic walking breaks every couple of miles, and that was completely OK with me. The point is that getting active each morning is saving my life. I will swear by endorphins until the day that I die!

Dear Trevor, I have my eyes on this t shirt for my birthday ;)

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  1. You are my hero! I can't even do that when I feel awesome! Good work!

    1. Ok Mrs. Crossfit- that stuff you do would have me dead in a gym somewhere on my best day!!

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