9:34 AM

Let it be known that Toy Story on the Kindle has saved our lives in many situations.
Yesterday was a hard day. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants all day long and just barely/not quite pulling everything off. Usually preparation is my not-so-secret weapon, but yesterday, everything felt last minute and nothing seemed to go smoothly. It got messy and I felt extremely human.

The fact of the matter is that I let a few things slip my mind and failed to plan correctly for problems that could have easily been avoided. On a perfect day and with better conditions, everything would have worked out OK in the end. But yesterday, everything had to go the hard way, and I went to bed feeling embarrassed, like a failure, and knowing that I had let people down.
Last weekend. This lasted like 5 minutes and HEAVEN.
I am not an exception to the rule and I try really hard not to make excuses for myself when things go wrong. Everyone has a life and responsibilities and has no choice but to juggle it all, and usually it all works out! Especially in my professional life, I don't want people to think I'm pulling the mom card, because I'm so extremely blessed to have a job that's conducive to my family life and I never want to do anything to compromise that. Even though sometimes it gets SO complicated and exhausting and stressful, we do everything in our power behind the scenes to make it seamless from the outside and keep the professionalism at a high priority.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. There was yelling by a grumpy grandpa, there was a lot of blushing and a little bit of tearing up, there was so much clock racing, there was frantic, there were apologies. And this morning there was a full on overwhelmed crying session, followed by some therapy calls to my mom, sister, and best friend. There were lessons learned. And thankfully there were gracious reassurances from the people involved that we all make mistakes and that today is a new day.
And that's how I feel about getting a new start today.
 Here's to Friday and no more yesterdays.

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