7:52 PM

It's high time for another round of mom-fessions, wouldn't you say?

-Today I was tired. I mean bone tired. The kind of tired where it hurts to pick up your toddler and you almost cry when he runs the other way instead of going in the house. But tomorrow will be better and most days aren't like this, so we can move on.

-Speaking of trying to get in/out of the car. I'm always carrying at least 3 things and trying to either hold Milo, hold his hand, or keep him close by holding onto his hood or shirt. There are few feelings more helpless than full arms and a runaway child.

-Milo knows the theme song to Diego. So there's that.

-Some days (ahem-today) we get out all the toys. The hot wheels. The legos. The blocks. The roads (which live in his closet and are used in desperate situations). And by the end of the day (ok, by 9 a.m.) the apartment looks like tornado alley.

-Milo figured out how to take his clothes off. Today I went to get him from nap time and his nakey bum was there to greet me. Earlier we had a close call with a poopy diaper. It's exciting!

-Milo plays with other childrens' toys and rocks in strangers' backyards more often than I'd like to admit while we are working. We do what we must. And if that means re-piling the rocks after shooting the video, then that's what we do.

-Sometimes I close Milo out in the backyard while I film the house, and at the back door while I film the yard. These things just need to happen sometimes to avoid Milo cameos. Love you son.

-I was away from Milo for 36 hours this weekend. I did not like it. (however I had a ball with my mom and sisters!) I brought him here, I get to keep him with me. Deal? (Ok but the sleeping in part- that part I could do much more often).

-I have been wanting a maple bar in a bad way for days. Someone get me a dang maple bar please.

-Just FYI I still talk in my sleep. My SIL informed me this weekend. Trevor is always asleep (ALWAYS) all night, so naturally, he had no idea. Men and their uncanny ability to sleep, know what I mean?

Until next time my friends!

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