Milo is 2!

6:48 AM

I've been absent here, but I have a good reason. We moved yesterday! More on that later. 

My sweet, happy, funny Milo turned 2 last Sunday! I was overly emotional about 1, and I think it's because he was growing out of being a baby (or so I thought). But really, 14 months is still a baby. And hen slowly he transitioned to a toddler. And he will be my baby even when he's 18, so I'm mostly over that. 

We celebrated with his best little friend Porter at the park with all their buddies and the people who love them. It was pretty much perfect. We threw together some cupcakes and told friends to meet us there and the boys were in HEAVEN. I like being a boy mom. They are pretty easy to please ;).

Milo is such a 2 year old right now. He is picking up on so many words and it's so fun! Communication was really hard for us right around 12-18 months, and then Somethin clicked and he started using his words and we both understood each other a lot better. It's pretty great and much less whiney :)

Milo's favorite things:
Animals (elephant is "emmit", penguins are "meim-meims" and chubby birds are "pudge"- ask Trevor about that one.)
Pizza (he says it in this deep voice- piiiizaaaa- hilarious)
Swinging and hanging from things, especially the arm of the treadmill
Facing forward!
He is in the 17th% for weight, 19% for height
Loves to color
Picks out pictures in books and tells me what they are- which is so cool to me!
Likes to sleep with a book- I think mostly he's just stalling at bedtime :)
Gives the best kisses
Always wants to be outside "shoes on?"
Loves nursery
Loves having his back scratched and his hair played with
Vrooms at big cars 
Yells airplane whenever he hears one
Likes to copycat the radio and us when we sing
Likes to knock on the door
Loves bubbles
Loves jumping 
Giggles just for fun- best habit ever

Oh my Milo. If only you knew how loved you are and how much we want you! You've made us the best versions of ourselves we could be and rocked our family in the best way imaginable. Thank you for picking us and coming to the family. What did we ever do without you?  We love, love, love you!

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