Home Sweet Home

12:32 PM

We moved, we moved! Here's the story:
Our great friends will be away for the next 7 months. We were looking to move anyway because our rent was increasing, and just like that, they asked if we would like to rent their house from them (at a great rate). It was a total no brained and 3 weeks later, we are living in a fully furnished real people house! In the suburbs! With 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and a playroom even, a PLAYROOM! It's completely fantastic and a huge blessing. 
Facts about moving day:
I found a blue skittle on my closet floor and ate it
I found medication I haven't taken since I was 16
Milo wore the same pajamas for 2 days
My closet filled up the entire car and then some- after emptying out 5 bags to donate. 
I filled 4 duffel bags of shoes 
I am kind of like Golum with the ring when I go through my closet 
Trevor found my pregnancy test stash (when you've been trying to get pregnant for a REALLY long time you start buying in bulk- it's just easier that way)
We have some really great friends who helped us out and I maybe cried a little out of a mix of exhaustion and gratitude when I picked Milo up at 9 PM after 5 hours (was planning on 2)
We are like giddy kids on Christmas- we are living in a HOUSE!
We are about 8 minutes closer to everywhere and it. Is. Awesome. 
The weeks leading up to moving were intense, and we were bound and determined to be way more organized about or move this time around. Since its for a relatively short amount of time, our friends left behind all their dishes and furniture for us to use so that we could keep ours boxed up and make it easy to move next time around (which will be here before we know it. To where? Only time will tell!) We made sure to pack in advance this time and label everything well, while getting rid of plenty of junk and selling some furniture in the process. We said goodbye to our huge blue sectional even! 
We are so excited to be landed and home and have some space to spread out for the summer! Next stop? Who knows!!

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