Having a Ball

7:23 AM

(By some miracle nobody was next to us on either flight. God loves me.)

Milo and I got to my parents' house in Kansas on Saturday afternoon, and let me tell you that I am taking full advantage of a completely lazy week away from it all. I've slept in every day, taken a nap with Milo every afternoon, done absolutely zero work, and haven't run once. It's been so, so long since I just took a whole week off from everything, and I think it's just what I needed! We have been going nonstop for months- maybe even years-, and it's nice to have some days with just me and my boy and no agenda besides playing trains, watching Cars, and visiting friends. 
So here's to you, my full week off. I will soak every second of you in until we hit the ground running again next week!

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  1. so fun! vacation is the best! plus you are straight up lucky not having anyone next to you on the flight, can't get better than that with a lap child!