The Facts

7:30 PM

So much to catch up on here on this little journal of mine, so we're gonna keep today's good and sloppy.

On Thanksgiving I ran a 10K in 39:24. It was awesome.

Milo's latest new things:
"I'm stuck!"
"Be do be, do be do"
Bubbles ("bubbos? Pease?")
Cars, airplanes, motorcycles
Baths ("Back?")
Dancing (think Charlie Brown)
Still not wanting to give up the bottle (and I'm still having a hard time caring to make him)

Trevor is on break from school and it's so fun having him around. I thought we would be so much less busy and hang out a ton. Wrong. We have both been slammed! Ah, well. This is the season of life we're in now!

We saw Unbroken. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Now I'm reading the book and it's incredible.

Winter in Texas is so cozy and warm. Except for when it's cold. 

We spent Christmas in Las Vegas and it was fantastic. The highlight was hanging out with all my siblings I've married into (and the ones that are ALMOST married in). I love my family.

The 2 hour drive home from the airport took 7. #ice Milo was thrilled. 

Trevor is half done with school. Someday we won't be students anymore. Crazy right?

Speaking of- I miss college. BYU was the best. 

Milo is almost 22 months old. 

Among my top 5 least favorite things is the initial cold blast of air before the heater is working in the car.

We aren't usually as busy as we have been lately, but I am wiped out! Every night I am ready to pass out by 10. but then I stay up reading way too late. It's a vicious cycle. However- I have discovered the joys of reading on a kindle. No bright backlight, and no pages to get jumbled while I read on my side in bed. It's a win. 

Insurance is annoying. Ah. the joys of being an adult.

That's all I've got for today. I promise I have more exciting things coming! Hope your new year has been fabulous thus far!

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