8:34 AM

Last week, thanks in great part to the cocktail of hormones pulsing through my body, I had a terr-I-ble week of eating. Usually I do pretty well, get in all my fruits and veggies, and listen to my appetite. But last week all healthy cravings were replaced completely with carbs and chocolate- and I listened. And what's worse is that I could feel it all week. My workouts and energy levels were awful! Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling sick and in need of a reset. 

The weather this week is looking amazing (at least until Thursday) so Milo and I have some big plans at the park including throwing rocks off the slide and spider swinging. Trevor starts back at school tomorrow so it will be just the two of us again. It's been so fun having him home- but also- he's been studying the whole time. Can we just be done with school?!

In 2 weeks Milo and I are venturing up to Kansas for a week. It's always so good to get HOME!

Milo lately:
Everything is "stuck"
Loud airplane noises ALL through church
Likes to snuggle and watch Diego after naps
Takes his lion and blanky with him everywhere
Eats Kix and a banana for breakfast every day 
Loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches
Putting words together like a champ. Daddy go? Ball outside? Lion night night? It's so fun hearing how he gets his sweet ideas across. 

Hope your Monday is everything good!

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