Gosh This Blog is Getting Random

8:14 PM

I say that like it wasn't already... hmm.

This boy is everything to me. And that smile could melt the whole world! ALL the heart eyes.

A few things to discuss:

1- Milo's long hair. To cut or not? I'm loving the length, as long as he gets a bath that day to tame the mane. I think I'll let it grow just a bit more.

2- The winter weather in Texas. Because I feel like it's my civic duty to mention it every time we have a beautiful day. Which, thankfully, is a lot.

3- Gilmore Girls. My running show of choice lately and the wit is as amazing as always.

4- This. Milo eating a corn dog for his bedtime snack. I don't always give my baby crap before bed, but when I do, I make it something extra weird.
5- Milo and I are flying to Kansas next week. Let us all pray that he enjoys being strapped in my lap for hours as we jet across the country. Yeah right.

6- Sweet potato fries. No explanation necessary.

Be sure to stay tuned for more completely random things floating around in my brain.

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