The Tale of the Shop

11:02 AM

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had an uber talented mom and dad. The mom was a seamstress who could literally fix anything, a canning pro, thoughtful about gifts and thank you cards, and a knitting/quilting/crocheting fiend. The dad was a mister-fix-it in every way. Cars, hair-clogged drains (#daughters), woodworking, gardening, jewelry fixing (#daughters)... all of it. The little girl remembers very few, if any, repairmen coming to the house, or times when a clothing blunder couldn't be rectified (this girl was really short and had no boobs- clothing alterations were a regular thing). And then the girl's older sister grew up and turned out awesome at crafts, baking, handy work, and sewing, too. Unfortunately, those talents skipped the little girl. And to this day, most of her cooking turns out a disaster and the sewing machine is used in extreme cases only.

And then the girl got a loom. And she tried weaving. And wouldn't you know- it worked! And it was fun and not a tangled terrible mess with a broken needle! And she thought, hey, maybe other people might want one of these deliciously strange yarn wall hangings too! So she opened an Etsy shop called Hello Darling Woven and is now taking custom orders for anyone who's soul these wall hangings happen to speak to. And what's better, is that her mom is selling her fabulous crochet hats as well!

So check it out and email me at if you have any questions, or want to make an order! I'd love to weave up a little somethin' fancy for you!

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