Meatless Monday (and Every Day)

11:44 AM

Confession: I've never been a meat fan. When I was little, I would eat steak, but only for the A-1 sauce. By high school, I would pick around the chicken in my pasta and scoop the spots with the lowest chicken-to-noodle ratio. When I started college, I was finally in charge of my own diet and groceries, and I just never bought meat. I would eat it at restaurants sometimes, but always preferred my dishes vegetarian style. Since then, I've become almost completely vegetarian. I wish it were for a noble reason than the fact that meat is simply the main food I just don't like, but it is what it is.

That being said, it's taken some learning to navigate unique situations, family meals, and keep my nutrition where it needs to be without the most common main course. Lucky for me, contrary to popular belief, there are many good sources of protein besides meat! I eat a lot of cottage cheese, greek yogurt, nuts, eggs, and beans. I love tofu and quinoa as well, which are both high in protein. And we can't forget protein bars (AKA glorified candy bars) and protein shakes!

One of my main goals as a vegetarian is not to let my lifestyle be an inconvenience to my family or others. Trevor is very much not a vegetarian, and neither is Milo. We are all about lean, grilled meat for them so we can keep it healthy. I have no qualms about feeding my family meat, and it's easy for me to tweak my meal to be delicious, nutritious, and meatless. I'm so cheesy.

Eating at restaurants and other peoples' homes can be tricky, but it's very possible to eat a good, satisfying meal and still be polite, tactful, and appreciative of what has been prepared for you. The truth is that nobody really pays that close of attention to every bite you take. If there's a chicken breast or steak prepared, I will always take some, and share with Trevor and Milo. Is that cheating? Probably, but it works. I prefer people not to make special exceptions for me, and I try not to let them notice that I am avoiding the meat.

Restaurants are simple. There are always plenty of options that aren't meat, and nobody will be offended if you pick off the pepperonis. Additionally, there is often a vegetarian section of the menu, or you can order without the meat. It may make your husband roll his eyes, but he'll get over it ;). Did you know that even at In-N-Out, you can order grilled cheese? Because you can. And it's delicious.

Do any of you have meatless days, or live vegetarian? Tell me! And happy (meatless) Monday!

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