Feeling Lucky and Weekend Ramblings

6:41 AM

Watching the big kids play at the park
Happy Monday! I'm slowly starting to recover from the sugar rush that was this weekend. As a stay at home mom, administrative Realtor, marketing specialist, and personal assistant, my weekends are often more busy than the week days because some of the hours Trevor is home (which are few and far between- we are seriously like 2 ships passing in the night sometimes) I'm able to be out and about playing catch up.

This weekend, that meant lots... And lots... And lots of showings. Cue driving, gps, appointments, and rescheduling those appointments while you wait for clients who forgot to calculate for a time change and you've got yourself a full day. Usually Milo goes with me, but now and then I'll get a marathon of showings on a day that Trevor is home, which was the case this weekend. 

Ever since I started being a licensed assistant rather than an agent on my own, I love my job. It keeps Milo and me busy and together. And seriously, can you think of many jobs as fun as driving around helping people find their dream home and taking pictures of houses?  I feel SO blessed that this has all worked out the way it has. I know I'll miss it when we leave here, and I'll look back on these days conquering the real estate world with milo and have really great memories. 

Our other gig is helping out an extremely busy friend of mine with some personal errands. A few times a week, we go drop off and pick up dry cleaning, pick up prescriptions, go grocery shopping, make target runs... Whatever she needs. It's kind of perfect because it gets Milo and me out of the house and we can go do something we get paid for. Plus I love this friend and I'm glad we can do something to help her out! I'm all about mutually beneficial business arrangements!

Even though I had to show an abandoned slaughterhouse this weekend (ew ew ew I am officially still a vegetarian and will remain so forever), I'm feeling so lucky and blessed to have the work I do. It's kind of a miracle the way it's all worked out and doesn't take me away from Milo. After the summer of trying the agent thing and being sick to my stomach about it, I'm totally seeing now that it was worth it to go through school, I know I'm much better at admin/marketing than sales, and that this is how it was meant to work out. God knows what he's doing you know?


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