Tuesday Letters

12:05 PM

Dear poor neglected blog, I'm back for you. Apologies- things got a little busy last week when we gained 5 children overnight.
Dear Milo, you are a dream. Also please do not put pens in your ears.
Dear Texas, please get the memo. It is October, not summertime on the face of the sun.

Dear Halloween, whoever invented you was a genius. A holiday centered around dressing up and candy is totally my thing.

Dear Trevor, thanks for promising to help make my/our life dreams happen, and for cleaning my car last week. You totally speak my love languages.

Dear medication, you have been making me have basically one long hot flash for like 3 days straight. This is getting absurd.

Dear Pretzel Chips, you are taking pretzels to a whole new level, and I like it.

Dear Shellac manicure, I'm really excited about the fact that I had my nails done on Saturday and I have not one chip to speak of. This is unreal!
Dear HEB, thank you for having a $10 off sale on your diapers today. That was awesome.

Dear hair, I've spent the last 3 months trying to bring your back to life after a summer of bleach abuse. Minimal washing, maximum conditioning, very little heat styling, the works. This week, you are getting a dye touch up and a fresh cut and I am so. Excited. To wear my hair in different ways than a ponytail again.

Dear Milo, I'm sorry we waited for so long to get you a new carseat. It's just that you're so little. And you still fit in the infant carrier and were within the size limits. But now you have a new car throne and your little feet don't rub against the backseat anymore.

XO, Danielle

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